Spin Zone Bumper Cars

If you are looking for an inexpensive indoor (or outdoor) ride to add to your park or project, the Spin Zone Electric Bumper Cars is a great opportunity for you. When compared to most attractions, the Spin Zone adds an exciting ride that appeals to a broad demographic for a small investment.

Traditional bumper cars (called Dodgems) have proven their popularity as an attraction at large parks and carnivals for years. The problem for most small operators is that Dodgems require a large investment for an electrified floor that power the cars and are very difficult to build into an existing space. The electric floor can run between $116,000 and $300,000 for as little as 10 cars. With the Spin Zone System, no special floor is required. The Spin Zone cars run on WOOD, CONCRETE, ASPHALT, OR EVEN ICE! Thus, our ten car system is under $85,000. Using from 1 to 6 batteries, the cars can run up to 12 total hours of continuous rides! Typically, a high volume operation uses four batteries. A four battery system will run 8 hours of continuous rides with an overnight charge. (See four battery set up below)

Indoor on Concrete   Outdoors on Asphalt

The Spin Zone system only needs about 600 square feet for five to six cars and 1200 sq. ft for ten to twelve cars. Not only space efficient, the attraction can be operated by a single attendant. The barrier that contains the cars is plastic with steel anchor plates that anchor bolt to the floor. The entire Spin Zone Arena can be retrofit into and existing game room in two to three days depending on the arena size.


But Amusement Products can't just recreate a family favorite; we have to make it BETTER! First, we added LED lights to the Spin Zone cars to make them more attractive. This bright lights last 50,000 hours and run whenever the car is operational. Next, we made the seat more comfortable and the controls easier for small children to operate. Using a two-handle steering mechanism is a blast as people discover how to steer them. We added a seatbelt to make it safer. For additional safety, the Spin Zone Bumper Car includes our proprietary radio control system so the cars are started and stopped by remote control.


Just making the cars better looking, more comfortable, safer and more exciting to ride is just not enough for Amusement products. Its Amusement Products goal is to make our products make you more money! Here is how we do that with the Spin Zone Bumper Cars:


Is a ride really new if it is not more fun than previous versions? To make the Spin Zone bumper cars more exciting, we added the Spin Mode. When the front or back of the car is hit, the Spin Zone Bumper car is like any other bumper car ride. However, when one rider hits another car in either side (the 3 o'clock or the 9 o'clock positions), the hit driver goes into an uncontrolled spin for 2-3 seconds! Now riders are motivated to out drive their friends and send each other into uncontrolled spins!

For added excitement, when the SPIN ZONE is activated, the lights on the car flash letting everyone know that cars been hit! Lastly, the ride operator can send all riders into a quick spin anytime during the ride. This unexpected change disorients the riders as they try to hit each other's SPIN ZONE. Our operators have found that their customers like the ALL SPIN feature to be used several times during a ride. Many riders often throw their hands up and scream like they are on a roller coaster when the ALL SPIN is activated!

With the Spin Zone, we did not create a ride, we created and experience! First we created a better car with added features (lights, SPIN ZONE, etc) and a better ride (nearly instant take off but a smooth operation). Next we massively improved the ride operation. The Spin Zone Bumper Car includes our radio control system so the cars are started and stopped by remote control.

The ride timer is integrated in the transmitter to turn the karts on and off automatically at the start and end of the ride. But we know that to maximize your profits, you need to squeeze the most rides in an hour that you can. To accomplish this, we added a digital sound board option to the transmitter. When the start button is hit, the safety rules and operational instructions are automatically given to the riders. To The transmitter turns on the karts, starts a light show and starts a sound show. At the end of the ride, the Lights are turned back to standard white lights and the sound turned off. If a problem occurs during the ride, the cars are put in a stop mode with all cars turned off and the sound stopped. The lights on the car go off to verify for the ride operator that the cars are off. When the ride is restarted, the cars are activated and lights on the car come on until the ride is over. At the end of the ride, the Spin Zone cars shut off automatically.

While you might worry about a new product from some suppliers, Amusement Products has over 48 years of experience building the highest quality attractions and are the "Electric Experts"! We have extensive experience with electric motors from our patented pitching machines (over 30 years) to our electric go karts (9 years). It is this expertise that has allowed us to integrate the sound, light, timing and control all into one unique package with the Spin Zone Bumper Car system. To finish off the attraction, we now custom make large format digital backdrops that can be custom sized to fit your walls and heavy duty powder coated steel handrails. The backdrop gives you a professional looking attraction that costs less than mirrors and is more impressive. The open look of the steel handrails make the Spin Zone arena more marketable since the cars ride low to the ground.

For more fun and excitement for your park, nothing beats a Spin Zone Bumper Car system.
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